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Jacques W. Dubois


Notes upon days

Didactic observations on the approach to string instruments at the beginning of the 21st century

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" This booklet is intended as a guide for lovers and enthusiasts of European string instruments. It is therefore addressed to violinists, violists, cellists and double bassists who wish to explore their own space, but also that of their string brothers (...).

These few pages are conceived as a "libro di bottega" of the Italian Renaissance: notes that apprentices took during their studies in the painting and sculpture workshops in the home of arts that was Italy at the time. (...)

It is in no way a method. It is aimed to be a tool to enter with perspective various approaches to the instrument, on the basis of my experience, and my research, either technical, physical or mental."

Jacques W. Dubois

Préface by Gilles Apap

" These notes that you share with us, Jacques, are something profound and light at the same time, conceived as a testimony of many reflections and observations.
I thank you for this work, which is so intelligent, clear and lucid. Your booklet helps us as violinists to think a little more, to see differently, to adjust certain things, both in our technique and in our approach to the instrument and thus to ourselves.

It is important to propose an approach as you do, anchored in your experience and feeling, in the search for a singular path for each one, transcribed in words, in sentences. Your approach guides the reader along paths that he or she can choose at discretion to create or pursue his or her own route. (...)"

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Our master for 200 years ...

Niccolo Paganini, Drawing by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1819, Rome

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