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Why these notes ?

Born in 1963, after half a century spent with my violin and music, I choose to share with you, readers, some of my achievements and personal observations tested by time. My first and best-known teacher, Christian Ferras, unknowingly, showed me what is essential : our passion for music - with its side roads and dead ends, but also our relationship to our fellow humans, whether they listen or play. All this without ever compromising on results.

Today, in 2022, in these difficult times when the culture and tradition of the violin are already in the process of disappearing, it seemed to me desirable to sow a few seeds for future generations, in the midst of the flood of information that the digital world brings us with so many recordings and images.

This book aims to help young musicians extract beneficial anchoring points for discoveries with their instruments.

Contact me :

You want to discuss your practice and your questions, benefit from a "diagnosis" and find new avenues in your work, or take a few lessons, contact me by phone or video.

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